International Spa Consultant & Wellness Expert

Amanda McLeod has almost 30 years experience in the holistic health, spa, wellness and beauty industry.  During this time, Amanda, through accumulating a vast portfolio of industry specific qualifications and brand training (which continues to grow), has gained the highest standard of skills, knowledge, and experience required for providing the best service and an unbeatable delivery making her an expert in her field.  

Deeply passionate about the spa, fitness and wellness industry, my journey to becoming a spa consultant began as a therapist, where I realised the hugely beneficial effects a carefully considered and well-conceived spa and the services offered, the tools and products used, can have on an individual’s path to relaxation, healthy living and positive wellbeing, as well as being profitable for its owner.  Having the pleasure of working within the upper end of the spa industry, and representing some of the best spa and product companies, I have gathered a wealth of knowledge as a Spa Director, Spa Project Manager, and Business Development Manager.’


With extensive experience in the 5-star luxury hotel, wellness and spa sector, I am dedicated to helping create inspiring experiences where individuals can relax and heal in beautiful spaces whilst ensuring my clients benefit from an equally healthy return on their investment.’

Amanda quickly found she had a special talent and vision for creating the perfect spa setting and client experience.  The spa and wellness industry is ever-evolving and continues to develop rapidly, with many exciting changes emerging, especially, in light of the 2020 health pandemic. 

Fascinated by the changes taking place in the extensive world of wellness, Amanda’s enthusiasm helps her keep abreast of the latest, exciting developments.  And, when combined with her extensive knowledge and experience of the global spa & wellness industry, Amanda’s passion for wellness enables her to successfully recognise her clients’ visions, making dreams reality.