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Although traditionally enjoyed by millions, our fine selection of powerful therapies don’t just loosen tired, achy muscles, relax and clear the mind, and detoxify the soul.  Amanda McLeod Wellessence massage treatments are beautifully designed are unmissable experiences that transport you to another level.

Add one of Amanda’s unique body treatments and sensory facials for a complete wellbeing experience unlike any other.

Wellessence Massage Treatments
Wellessence Massage Treatments

Add one of Amanda’s unique body treatments and sensory facials for a complete wellbeing experience unlike any other.


A totally rebalancing, harmonising, and transforming full body experience. This blissful, holistic ritual fuses mindfulness and chakra energy synchronisation with  a combination of light strokes and Balinese massage techniques.  Senses are activated and well-being increased while relaxation and calm is instilled.  Each session, and the essential oils blends used, is uniquely tailored carefully selected towards your mood and health at the time of your treatment. 

AED 289 – 60 minutes / AED 369 – 90 minutes (Aromatic/relaxing)

Muscles are loosened, toxins released, circulation improved and relaxation promoted using an expertly tailored combination of specialist deep tissue, Shiatsu, and Swedish massage techniques.  A deeply healing and warming full body treatment.

AED 289 – 60 minutes / AED 369 – 90 minutes (Relaxing/invigorating)

Experience Middle-Eastern delights with this specialised ritual designed to soothe stressed muscles and achy bones leaving the mind, body and soul fully relaxed and calm.  A deeply nourishing treatment using a blend of warm aromatic oils and melted shea butter drizzled over the body followed by intense massage techniques. 

AED 289 – 60 minutes / AED 369 – 90 minutes (Indulging/nourishing)

A wonderfully soothing experience to release tension in the head, face and neck.  The treatment begins with an aromatic compress application to the face followed by a gentle massage using nourishing aromatic oils, effleurage and pressure point techniques to release and loosen strains.

AED 289 – 60 minutes (De-stressing/soothing)

Experience the world’s first 3-dimensional massage system.  Exclusive to Amanda McLeod Wellessence, your journey takes place lying face up on warm water-filled cushions that assist perfect spinal alignment, full support and the utmost comfort.  Allow the warmth of the cushions and gentle, yet powerful, techniques to melt away tension, soothe and revive aches.  Perfect for all especially for those in pregnancy, recovering from cancer and who cannot lie face down.  New to Hydrotherm?  Discover now…

AED 369 – 90 minutes (Pregnancy/remedial)

Developed by Dr David K. Hill, this specialist treatment combines the unique benefits of  human touch with the power of 8 essential oil blends to create an amazing experience.  Unlike a typical massage, and with focus from a clinical perspective, this technique is applied to the back and soles of the feet in gentle, moderate strokes.  The movements involved are designed to connect with the recipient on an emotional level forming feelings of trust and deep relaxation while helping to alleviate signs of stress, anxiety, and depression.

AED 179 – 45 minutes (Aromatic/healing)

An invigorating thermal therapy using Lava Shells, heated massage tools hand-crafted from porcelain and crushed Tiger Clams, and an exotic aromatic oil blend.  A wonderful full body treatment for relaxation, a must for detoxifying, ideal for skin radiance and superb for muscle aches and pains.

AED 369 – 90 minutes (Relaxing/detoxifying)
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Every Amanda McLeod Wellessence body massage rituals are unique, rejuvenating, inspiring and passionate – complete sensory journeys that balance and induce tranquility.