LGBTQ Policy


We at Spa Products UK recognize and understand the diverse needs of our LGBTQ customers and are committed to providing a welcoming and inclusive environment for all. Our goal is to ensure respect, fairness, and equality of treatment for all individuals regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity.

We will do our utmost to provide our services in an equitable, responsive, non-discriminatory manner. We do not tolerate discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity. This policy applies to all staff members, customers, and partners interacting with us.

Our team will strive to show respect for individual differences by:

  • Listening to customer feedback about how we can better serve their needs
  • Providing access to all products and services regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity
  • Not using language that disparages any particular sexual orientation, gender identity or expression
  • Understanding that all individuals have the right to privacy and confidentiality around issues related to their sexual orientation or gender identity
  • Ensuring safety from bias acts including bullying, harassment, verbal abuse or physical assault
  • Protecting customer data in a way that respects the customer’s preferences related to personal information shared with us

To ensure these principles are followed in providing customer service excellence, Spa Products UK has established an anonymous hotline which can be reached at for customers who wish to report mistreatment or who require assistance with specific matters related to LGBTQ policies. Any complaints reported through this channel will be reviewed, investigated and addressed promptly and confidentially.

As a company dedicated to creating a safe space for our customers, we are proud allies of the LGBTQ community and stand with them in their fight against discrimination. We believe everyone deserves equal rights no matter who they are; therefore no one should be denied access based on race, religion or sexual orientation/gender identity.